‘Let the Music Speak for Itself’

Charles Prophet Jr. has a lot to say, just listen to that smooth sound, whether it’s Jazz, Fusion or R&B, Charles knows how to deliver. From ‘Saturday Nights’ to ‘Love and Sax‘ his music is ‘Extremely Saxisfying!’

So, if you’re ‘Grindin’ in the Motorcity’ or ‘Doin’ 80 in A Caddy’ or even an SUV, make Charles Prophet Jr. part of your playlist, there is sure to be something just ‘For You.’ Just sit back relax and don’t worry about ‘Anything‘ instead, look forward to ‘Better Days’ ahead, get quiet, listen, and Let the Music Speak for itself!

Buy, Stream and Share ‘Love and Sax’ on SoundCloud, iTunes or Bandcamp. Charles Prophet Jr. is a Saxophonist and Band Leader, For more information visit: charlesprophetjr.com.


The Man In The Silhouette

Have you ever met Somebody who knows Everybody? And I’m not just talking about Anybody, but an ‘A’ list of playwrights, producers, singers, songwriters, actors, actresses and activists, and the list goes on. Just walking into a small intimate theater or community room to participate as a judge for one of his acting competitions Detroit ‘n Hollywood, or if you were fortunate to attend one of his original Christian productions entitled The ‘Head’-Quarters or had the occasion of taking part in one of his annual Detroit Black Women’s Business Expo, you had the opportunity to rub elbows with these lists of heavy hitters in various industries, network and become acquainted with someone you’ve admired for years.

James Cohen is a man of many talents, with an acting career which spans over fifty years, he is also a teacher, playwright, producer and director. In addition, he has a love for children which started when he worked as a recreation facilitator during the summer months a few years after high school. His mission is to ‘love people and continue his thirty eight year dedication to children with JESUS at the very core and center of it all.’ His dedication to children gives him the present vision to have many opportunities in the future to continue teaching and effectuating their lives, in addition, he aspires to continue facilitating meaningful events in the community.

With all these credentials you might think Mr. Cohen (as I like to refer to him) would stand out in the crowd, someone you would notice right away without any hesitation, but, believe me that’s far from the truth. He is always so far behind the scenes that if you blink you might miss him. A very humble man of few audible words although his penmanship is impeccable to say the least yet his sincerity and amazing heart comes across in every event he manufactures.

Since this writing James Cohen has added writer to his credits with the release of his masterpiece ‘The Uni-Verse-City of Me!’ To be released at a special Gala Celebration and Book Signing, Saturday, April 24, 2021 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, in Detroit, Michigan. Also this event will launch the Detroit School of Acting previously the (Detroit n’ Hollywood School of Acting), which is exclusively the only school of acting in the city of Detroit.

I am not sure how Mr. Cohen is able to fit anything more into his repertoire but I am sure this won’t be the last of his accomplishments. Congratulations James Cohen on continuing to build your legacy in arts and entertainment and in the community!

James Cohen is a teacher, writer, producer, director and community youth theater acting facilitator. To order his self-published book entitled ‘The Uni-Verse-City of Me contact him on Facebook for your copy.

J’s Spirations

The Voice, no, not that Voice, I’m not talking about the weekly reality show that’s designed to choose the next vocal sensation. I’m talking about the Voice of Detroit’s Premier Gospel Station, WCHB, J. Sanford.

J Sanford has changed the game as an on air host with his distinctive approach to today’s Gospel music. His mixture of Gospel, Inspirational House and Jazz has broaden the gap between traditional and contemporary styles of Gospel music, providing an eclectic range that appeals to a variety of audiences.

In addition to J’s exceptional musical blends, his charismatic, hilarious, and energetic personality absolutely helps pierce any dull, difficult or stressful day.

So, if you just happen to need a good source of inspiration, tune into J Sanford, he will undoubtedly ‘Breakthrough’ that barrier and Unleash the start of a brand new Morning.

J. Sanford is the host of The Morning Breakthrough radio broadcast 9 a.m to 12 noon on WMUZ 1340 AM Monday through Friday and Unleashed, Saturday 12 p.m to 3 p.m. on WMUZ 1340 AM also tune into Moments of WCHB on WMUZ with J. Sanford, Sundays, 6 p.m to 9 p.m. on 103.5 FM. Listen online at wchb1340.com or wmuz.com

Not So Peculiar

Strange, Odd or Unusual is the exact definition of the word peculiar in Webster’s dictionary, but maybe it should say, a little quirky, cute, amazingly talented, with a gifted bundle of inspiration. That’s Sandra Peculiar, she’s best known as the ‘Peculiar Jeweler’ but her repertoire spans well beyond her creative handcrafted works of art. She is also a gifted teacher and writer.

Whether it be Mother’s Day, Memorial Day or the Celebration of a Civil Rights Leader, Sandra never fails to school her readers about the historical facts surrounding the event, including a thought provoking segment on how that person or special day should impact our lives, she follows it up with a biblical scripture reference blending it all together. Sandra’s heart comes through every word, she is very passionate about her purpose to educate, encourage and inspire children and adults.

So, what makes Sandra Peculiar? Could it be her vintage style wardrobe, her quiet confidence, or her peaceful presence when she enters a room. Maybe it’s her youthful glow or the flower she wears in her hair or the songs that seem to come to her from out of no where. Whatever it is, it cannot be defined by a dictionary, which may seem a little strange, odd or even unusual, Ain’t that Peculiar?

Sandra Peculiar can be found on Facebook or visit her website The Peculiar Jeweler.

Smooth Sailing

     Being out on the water has such a calming effect; a subtle breeze, the warm sunlight on your face, the waves crashing against the rocks and the sound of smooth jazz playing in the background.  Aww yes, that’s it, smooth jazz.

     Sax Chronicles II, the New CD project from International Jazz Saxophonist Yancyy is sure to set the mood.  Just breathe and let the rich tones of that tenor and soprano sax carry you away on a ‘fantastic voyage.’ Relax to the unforgettable rendition of ‘Sailing’ as only Yancyy can play it, just press repeat!

     Sax Chronicles II continues the sophisticated sound that jazz enthusiasts have grown to love from Yancyy.

     Whether Sailing, Cruising, or Chicago Steppin’ Sax Chronicles II is sure to deliver!

Artist: Yancyy

Album: Sax Chronicles II

Description: Smooth Contemporary Jazz

Yancyy’s Music: (Sax Chronicles I, Sax Chronicles II, For Your Love, Lessons in Breath and Love, Rejoice-Christmas with Yancyy) is available on iTunes and other download music platforms. Tune in to Yancyy radio on Pandora. For booking information: myPPK.com/get/yancyy

Just Wanna Love, Condido Live!

Classic Soul is what you hear when Condido steps up to the Mike! His signature falsetto and smooth tenor voice is unprecedented.

Whether R&B or gospel, his sweet, exceptional vocals keep you leaning in for more.

As music continues to change over the years, nothing seems to compare to that 1970’s vibe. Ah yes, is that feeling you get when that old school jam is played. Those songs always seem to take you back to a time when life was simple and love was expressed in perfect harmony.

The voices back then were unique, fine tuned, mastered, in other words those guys and girls could Sang!! Condido definitely has one of those voices that take you back. In addition, his vocal range is unmatched.

Why settle for ordinary, when Condido can take you to that place where you say Ah yes, now that’s Live, Condido Live.

Get ‘Just Wanna Love You’ on itunes or cdbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/condido. Contact Condido on facebook: Condido Live.

The Making of a Masterpiece

LaShun Beal

Beauty, style and luxury are what best describe the exceptional work of Impressionist Figurative Painter LaShun Beal. His talent and skill are unmatched.

He meticulously paints each signature piece effortlessly, bringing depth, richness and life to any decor. His attention to detail with every stroke of a brush creates each exquisite masterpiece.

African American fine art is what he is best known for although his collection includes some abstract acrylics as well. Select art from inspirational, music, dance and other specifically created works many which are sure to cause quite a stir.

LaShun’s versatility extends beyond the canvas as well to include countless works of art that can be added to an eclectic wardrobe, desktop or bookshelf.

Distinctive style and elegance in Fine Art is LaShun Beal.

‘Deep In Thought’

Visit the official site featuring the Artwork of Legendary Artist LaShun Beal. Showcasing original works, pastels, watercolors, mixed media, functional art, etchings and more. LaShun Beal (832) 971-2811, lashunbeal@lashunbeal, http://www.lashunbeal.com

“Everything Is Better With A Cherri On Top!”

A stellar vocalist who has no comparison. Cherri is in a class all by herself, just name it and she can sing it.

Don’t let her small frame, fiery red hair and flawless makeup fool you, she is not just a pretty face but a vocal powerhouse, one who exudes confidence and professionalism.

Just as a sweet delicious cherry adds flavor to any dessert Cherri Black mimics that and more as a solo artist, in a duo or group. Her presence adds essence, consistency and style.

“Everything is better with a Cherri on top!” -Top of the world, Top of the charts which is where she is headed.

Cherri Black is a background vocalist for pop/rock singer songwriter Katy Perry. She is also a solo artist, actress and top notch MUA. Find her on Facebook: Cherri Black.

Unforgettably Yancyy

Yancyy has embraced his gift as an International Jazz Saxophonist, a force to be reckoned with. From smooth to traditional to inspirational, Yancyy plays it all.

He has been described as a master musician who ‘plays from the heart, a skill that cannot be taught.’

‘Leaving it all on the stage’ is what Yancyy does best. He is very passionate about taking his audience to a place totally free from what may be disrupting their present circumstances. His music completely sets the mood and changes any atmosphere.

Feeling drained? Stressed out? Or maybe even a little discouraged? If so, then let Yancyy soothe your soul, serenade your heart and awaken your spirit.

Yancyy is an international Jazz Saxophonist. Purchase his music on ITUNES. Also tune into Yancyy radio on Pandora. Find him on Facebook: Lord Yancyy‘s Official Fan Page.