‘Let the Music Speak for Itself’

Charles Prophet Jr. has a lot to say, just listen to that smooth sound, whether it’s Jazz, Fusion or R&B, Charles knows how to deliver. From ‘Saturday Nights’ to ‘Love and Sax‘ his music is ‘Extremely Saxisfying!’

So, if you’re ‘Grindin’ in the Motorcity’ or ‘Doin’ 80 in A Caddy’ or even an SUV, make Charles Prophet Jr. part of your playlist, there is sure to be something just ‘For You.’ Just sit back relax and don’t worry about ‘Anything‘ instead, look forward to ‘Better Days’ ahead, get quiet, listen, and Let the Music Speak for itself!

Buy, Stream and Share ‘Love and Sax’ on SoundCloud, iTunes or Bandcamp. Charles Prophet Jr. is a Saxophonist and Band Leader, For more information visit: charlesprophetjr.com.


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