“Everything Is Better With A Cherri On Top!”

A stellar vocalist who has no comparison. Cherri is in a class all by herself, just name it and she can sing it.

Don’t let her small frame, fiery red hair and flawless makeup fool you, she is not just a pretty face but a vocal powerhouse, one who exudes confidence and professionalism.

Just as a sweet delicious cherry adds flavor to any dessert Cherri Black mimics that and more as a solo artist, in a duo or group. Her presence adds essence, consistency and style.

“Everything is better with a Cherri on top!” -Top of the world, Top of the charts which is where she is headed.

Cherri Black is a background vocalist for pop/rock singer songwriter Katy Perry. She is also a solo artist, actress and top notch MUA. Find her on Facebook: Cherri Black.

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