The Making of a Masterpiece

LaShun Beal

Beauty, style and luxury are what best describe the exceptional work of Impressionist Figurative Painter LaShun Beal. His talent and skill are unmatched.

He meticulously paints each signature piece effortlessly, bringing depth, richness and life to any decor. His attention to detail with every stroke of a brush creates each exquisite masterpiece.

African American fine art is what he is best known for although his collection includes some abstract acrylics as well. Select art from inspirational, music, dance and other specifically created works many which are sure to cause quite a stir.

LaShun’s versatility extends beyond the canvas as well to include countless works of art that can be added to an eclectic wardrobe, desktop or bookshelf.

Distinctive style and elegance in Fine Art is LaShun Beal.

‘Deep In Thought’

Visit the official site featuring the Artwork of Legendary Artist LaShun Beal. Showcasing original works, pastels, watercolors, mixed media, functional art, etchings and more. LaShun Beal (832) 971-2811, lashunbeal@lashunbeal,

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