Unforgettably Yancyy

Yancyy has embraced his gift as an International Jazz Saxophonist, a force to be reckoned with. From smooth to traditional to inspirational, Yancyy plays it all.

He has been described as a master musician who ‘plays from the heart, a skill that cannot be taught.’

‘Leaving it all on the stage’ is what Yancyy does best. He is very passionate about taking his audience to a place totally free from what may be disrupting their present circumstances. His music completely sets the mood and changes any atmosphere.

Feeling drained? Stressed out? Or maybe even a little discouraged? If so, then let Yancyy soothe your soul, serenade your heart and awaken your spirit.

Yancyy is an international Jazz Saxophonist. Purchase his music on ITUNES. Also tune into Yancyy radio on Pandora. Find him on Facebook: Lord Yancyy‘s Official Fan Page.

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