Smooth Sailing

     Being out on the water has such a calming effect; a subtle breeze, the warm sunlight on your face, the waves crashing against the rocks and the sound of smooth jazz playing in the background.  Aww yes, that’s it, smooth jazz.

     Sax Chronicles II, the New CD project from International Jazz Saxophonist Yancyy is sure to set the mood.  Just breathe and let the rich tones of that tenor and soprano sax carry you away on a ‘fantastic voyage.’ Relax to the unforgettable rendition of ‘Sailing’ as only Yancyy can play it, just press repeat!

     Sax Chronicles II continues the sophisticated sound that jazz enthusiasts have grown to love from Yancyy.

     Whether Sailing, Cruising, or Chicago Steppin’ Sax Chronicles II is sure to deliver!

Artist: Yancyy

Album: Sax Chronicles II

Description: Smooth Contemporary Jazz

Yancyy’s Music: (Sax Chronicles I, Sax Chronicles II, For Your Love, Lessons in Breath and Love, Rejoice-Christmas with Yancyy) is available on iTunes and other download music platforms. Tune in to Yancyy radio on Pandora. For booking information:


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