Not So Peculiar

Strange, Odd or Unusual is the exact definition of the word peculiar in Webster’s dictionary, but maybe it should say, a little quirky, cute, amazingly talented, with a gifted bundle of inspiration. That’s Sandra Peculiar, she’s best known as the ‘Peculiar Jeweler’ but her repertoire spans well beyond her creative handcrafted works of art. She is also a gifted teacher and writer.

Whether it be Mother’s Day, Memorial Day or the Celebration of a Civil Rights Leader, Sandra never fails to school her readers about the historical facts surrounding the event, including a thought provoking segment on how that person or special day should impact our lives, she follows it up with a biblical scripture reference blending it all together. Sandra’s heart comes through every word, she is very passionate about her purpose to educate, encourage and inspire children and adults.

So, what makes Sandra Peculiar? Could it be her vintage style wardrobe, her quiet confidence, or her peaceful presence when she enters a room. Maybe it’s her youthful glow or the flower she wears in her hair or the songs that seem to come to her from out of no where. Whatever it is, it cannot be defined by a dictionary, which may seem a little strange, odd or even unusual, Ain’t that Peculiar?

Sandra Peculiar can be found on Facebook or visit her website The Peculiar Jeweler.


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